We are here for you, too

We’re on a mission to work with optometrists to build an altogether safer, clearer, more practical reality for patients who deserve more.

Let us show you how we can help you give your patients what they're looking for.

Why partner with us?


No more missed opportunities

Around 5 out of 10 patients  who visit their optometrist for contact lens exams walk out empty-handed.

Our aim is to work with you to bring those patients that once walked out of your office, back.


Rewards for you, regardless

Beyond helping to prevent walkouts, you'll also reap the benefits wherever your patients decide to buy- online or in the office

You'll be rewarded for every sale as long as the patient is wearing WALDO lenses.

Straightforward processes

Simplified bonus and loyalty programs designed to reward you early and often, without complicated growth gates or rubrics.

Transparent & low pricing

We describe our pricing with one word: simple.

Patients pay one price, no matter where they purchase their subscription.

We believe everyone should be able to afford to wear premium quality lenses, so we’ve priced ours far lower than other big brand equivalents of the same quality.

How will we grow your business?

High Quality Lenses

Allowing you to offer high quality lenses in-house for the same low price as online means we’ll bring patients who may have otherwise left your office looking for inexpensive, low-quality options, back to you.

WALDO Marketing Team

We acquire new, engaged customers everyday as a result of our advertising campaigns. In partnering with us you’ll share our wins, without the cost.

Doctor Network

By inviting you to join our doctor network, we’ll connect you with patients near you needing eye exams, and direct them straight to your office.

Affordable Subscription

By offering affordable, flexible subscription plans that work seamlessly around patients lifestyles, our subscription process is designed for the long-term - which means a lifetime lens option for wearers, and retention for you.

At WALDO, we believein three things

Championing vision

We strive to make eyecare an integral part of self care and are dedicated to championing vision. We believe positive vision has no limits and are committed to delivering products and services that demonstrate this.

Quality first

Our products are medically endorsed by industry experts and made from the highest quality materials. We work with teams of internationally recognized doctors and manufacturers to provide the highest quality eyecare possible.

Making human-centered decisions

We sell directly to our customers’ doors via straight-forward processes meaning we can tailor our service to fit into our patients’ lifestyles seamlessly, and pass on the savings.

Our Products

Daily Contact Lenses

Our contact lenses are designed for optimum comfort and moisture.

Each lens is made from:

Ultra-Breathable Etafilcon A


High Water Content of 58%

Corporate responsibility

Our recycling scheme, charitable partnerships and other corporate social initiatives mean WALDO patients know they're making a difference.


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